How Feedform and Rollo are innovating education


How we helped Feedform

To support teachers in the evaluation of their students, a teacher, a software engineer and a data-scientist created Feedform. An online platform that helps teachers keep track of their students personal growth, set up individual learning objectives and evaluate performance.


Creating a platform that combines data science with AI knowledge within 6 months

When developing their platform, the Edtech (education technology) start-up wanted to combine a teachers expertise and student data with scientific insights into education. So, besides the software development aspect of the project, a partner was needed to provide data science and AI knowledge. These technologies are fundamental in Feedform’s roadmap to provide innovation for their customers.

On top of that, the new school year was arriving in 6 months, yet, an initial estimate predicted that it would take more than 2 years for Feedform to implement the required features.

How Rollo helped Feedform reach their goals within 6 months instead of 2 years

After listening to the goals of Feedform and identifying the right data sources, we designed an entire data architecture that now serves as the foundation of Feedforms platform. Next to that, we divided our time and resources in an efficient manner to deliver in only a couple of months. We then upgraded the draft version to a full-fledged beta version that is ready to use. Together with Feedform, we succeeded and build a web based platform that now provides valuable insights in the performance of students.

We set up the foundations of Feedform's data architecture. We leveraged novel technologies to perform scheduling of so called ETL jobs (Extract - Transform - Load) to merge the revelant data in a central high performance cloud hosted data ware house. 

With these foundations  in place we could properly start with the real value: extracting insights from the data and creating visualizations which will help dozens of teachers to get better insights in the performance of their students.

We even started prototyping some initial AI algorithms to detect unusual behavior in the performance of students across courses and grades.

And all of this .. yes you guessed it right .. before the launch of the new school year.


“In only six months we are at a point that we normally expected to be in after 2 years.”


A first contract and launch the first of september for 1000 students.

Thanks to Rollo, the platform was ready in time and Feedform not only saw their users triple, they also received their first contract before the first of september for 1000 students. And Feedform is still thriving in that efficient work flow. “There has been a real acceleration in possible ideas that translated into new partnerships.” - Glenn, co-founder. The start-up is ready to kick off an integration with other big Edtech players in Flanders.

As a result of this succesful collaboration, Feedform is now partnering with Rollo to continue innovating education together.
Technologies Used
Google Cloud, Docker, Python, Django, Apache Airflow, dbt, Google Bigtable

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