Predictive maintenance

Predict the maintenance of your machines by using data analysis

During this day and age, most companies rely heavily on machinery. The expectation is to surpass human capabilities such as force, efficiency, and fatigue. Even so, nothing ever lasts, and even machines need care. If this is neglected, unexpected downtime could occur - with unforeseen costs, halting business operations. A side of repairment, replacement might even be necessary.

We all know that optimal planning for machine maintenance can prevent (unexpected) repairment or replacement. Next to that, you have to look for a technician, schedule an appointment, .. So what if we can take away these pre-occupations and notify you when your maintenance is booked. This way you will not only increase the longevity of your machinery, you will also have more time to focus on your most relevant tasks.

Increase the longevity of your machinery with data analysis

Using data analysis, our software is able to predict whenever maintenance is required. Once data has been collected on previous predicted maintenances, automized data analysis ensures an even more accurate planning schedule. On top of that, a notification system can be linked with the predictive software. This way, a maintenance engineer is notified when machines need to be picked up for maintenance and which temporary replacement machine needs to be put in place.



What’s the impact of customer segmentation

With this automization of processes, downtime of machines could be reduced by 35-45%, and wear and tear by 70-75%. This will increase the endurance and longevity of your machinery, leading to a reduction in maintenance costs by 25-30%. Preventing any unanticipated setbacks can benefit the maximization of your business impact.

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