Document Processing and Recognition

One of the most time consuming tasks of an organisation is the processing of documents or forms. Wether it’s analysing digital or paper documents, or copying their data to Excel sheets, digital forms or ERP systems. This applies for any industry. Think about the input of unstructured product tags or descriptions into structured specification tables in the retail industry. Or automatically processing physical delivery notes in the construction or food industry.

These task are often still done manually and prone to errors.


Optical Character Recognition to process and interpret the context in documents

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a technology that can extract data from documents, images or other files using an optical scanner. The scanner will differentiate letters from images and its software will turn these letters into words. This is where an OCR will eliminate manual tasks.

Scanning scribbles but also understanding it’s meaning

Scanning and processing fields on documents is one thing. But to really create an added value, automated business rules should be added to inform the right parties of the retrieved data. 

And so the beauty of OCR lies in its deep learning models. These will not only read the documents, but also process them. When adding the right business rules, this technology can interpret the content of files and easily convert it into a structured document.


From laborious work to automation

Thanks to these business rules the software will recognize and extract specific types of data such as customer name, supplier name, material number etc. This will digitize your documents and automate laborious and error-prone tasks so that you have more time to focus on your most relevant tasks.


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