Learn how AI can support your production company

Voka is the most extensive Flemish network of enterprises that unites more than 18.000 businesses to create an optimal framework for successful entrepreneurship. They do this by organizing trade missions, inspiration tours, and other international activities. On October 25 they will host an info session on how AI can support your company .

What can you expect?

A 3 hour infosession where you will be introduced to AI possibilities in a production company. You will discover the path from digitization to data-driven decisions and learn how you can turn your data into value.


  • Stig Bosmans, PhD, co-founder & technology lead @ Rollo. He will tackle questions like how you can reduce the error margin of your production machines? How do you preventively maintain machines by automatically analyzing machine data? Or how you can predict your production demand with data?
  • Siegfried Mercelis, PhD, program manager AI-applications at the imec IDLab research group and the University of Antwerp. The mission of the AI applications group is to form a bridge between academic research and industrial applications in domains such as logistics, mobility, industry 4.0 and autonomous shipping. Besides his role as a program manager, he leads the research to optimisation to process control using AI. 

Meet us there

Make sure to register and meet us at the Beacon in the heart of Antwerp on the 25th of October. Not sure if AI is something for you? We can also give advice in which subsidies your company rely on.

October 25
The Beacon, Antwerp

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