How to implement AI in your business - a 3-day course by Voka & Rollo

How to implement AI in your business


Many SMEs in Flanders are already benefiting from AI. Applications like automatic market trend research, automatic accounting document processing, or industrial process optimizations can help cut expenses significantly. Together with Voka, we organize a three-day program where you will learn how artificial intelligence can help your SMEs.


What can you expect?

At Voka’s headquarters in Antwerp, we will organize 3 workshops in which we will develop a workable, step-by-step strategy to implement your AI case. In addition, we examine the knowledge required for successful integration.

  • Session 1: General introduction to AI and the AI model canvas
  • Session 2: Group discussion about use cases with AI
  • Session 3: Personal coaching session to further discuss use cases

Read all details for every session on the event page of Voka



Toon Bogaerts, our AI specialist. He graduated in applied electromechanics, followed by research in Artificial Intelligence at IDLab (UA imec). Now he troubleshoots business processes as no other. With his expertise in utilizing data to turn knowledge into value, Toon is able to automize processes and increase ROI.

Peter Hellinckx. As our general advisor and AI expert, he is the professor of the team with an entrepreneurial mindset. Next to that, he is also a professor of Artificial Intelligence @ the University of Antwerp, and head of the Electronics-ICT department. Peter is convinced that AI is not only a tool to gain better insights, but also a methodology to improve your business model

Thursday 02/03 & Monday 13/03
Voka Antwerp, Markgravestraat 12, 2000 Antwerpen

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