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Meet the team

Toon Bogaerts
Your AI Specialist

Toon Bogaerts

Your AI Specialist

Troubleshoots business processes as no other. With his expertise in utilizing data to turn knowledge into value, Toon is able to automize processes and increase ROI.

Stig Bosmans, PhD
Your Software Expert

Stig Bosmans

Your Software Expert

He has the know-how to turn ideas into software. Choosing applications that best fit your needs, deploying technology in a reliable way and seeking the best course of action.

Christophe Huybrechts
Full-Stack Developer

Christophe Huybrechts

Full Stack Developer

The software craftman of the team. Proud with his background as an embedded engineer, he makes sure that your custom software runs optimal and smooth.

Stefan Bracke
Software Expert

Stefan Bracke

Software Expert

The Software guru of the team. With his infectious passion for IT and his architectural mindset he helps to make sure that your software and AI solutions can run smooth and without interruptions

Peter Hellinckx, Prof.
Generial Advisor & AI Expert

Peter Hellinckx, prof.

General Advisor and AI Expert

The professor of the team with an entrepreneurial mindset. He helps us to steer the Rollo ship in the right directions, lets the team make the right decisions and guards the course we're sailing.

Delphine Draelants, PhD
Data Science Advisor

Delphine Draelants

Data Science Advisor

Delphine is the mathematical brain of the team. She makes sure that your AI models and statistics are solid proof. Furthermore she guides the managerial decisions of the team.

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Your needs, visions and missions is our fuel to expand our knowledge and expertise. As a thank you for choosing Rollo and helping us grow, we promise to help you do the same, but exponentially.

Story behind the name

Our brand’s name stems from the Norseman Rollo. One of the first Viking warriors who, rather than acting on his own account, decided to properly listen to the needs of his people to settle and stop raiding. After Rollo proved to King Charles III he was a man of his word, lands were given by the king to him. With these lands and Rollo's Norsemen, Normandy was founded in France with their descendants becoming Normans.Fast forward a few centuries, Stig a descendant of Rollo, and Toon co-founder of

'Rollo' have similar ambitions as the Viking.They use the same principles of listening to the customer to provide viable solutions. Stig and Toon have a vision wherein Rollo’s vikings flagship sails way ahead of the herd, exploring the uncharted seas of technology, conquering and leading the technological world with efficient work ethics and expertise. And bringing home the fruits of innovation to their customers on shore.

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