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Rollo accelerates data-driven innovation. Together with you, we enable the power of software from Automation towards Artificial intelligence.

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  • by Toon Bogaerts
  • April 27, 2022
  • Rollo Dienstverlener KMOP

    Rollo is sinds April '22 dienstverlener van de KMO portefeuille. Voor zowel advies als opleidingen betaalt de Vlaamse overheid 30 procent terug! Dit traject laat toe om samen met Rollo voor uw bedrijf een plan van aanpak op te stellen om te bekijken welke data gedreven oplossingen er mogelijk zijn. Lees verder om meer te weten over welke diensten er in aanmerking komen.

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  • by Stig Bosmans
  • April 27, 2022
  • Start AI met Rollo: Zet in op innovatie door meer te halen uit uw data

    In samenwerking met Agoria biedt Rollo uw bedrijf het Start AI programma aan om de mogelijkheden van data gedreven oplossingen en artificiële intelligentie (AI) op een realistische manier te doorgronden. U wordt door Rollo geholpen om tot een actie-plan te komen waarbij uw data meer doeltreffend en productief wordt ingezet.

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    We offer expert software and AI solutions

    Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

    Artificial Intelligence will soon be a standard tool for SME's. As Artificial Intelligence improves with the availability of data, underperforming or even neglecting data-driven innovation gives your competitors an advantage. With Rollo as a partner, we ensure your company is up-to-date with the newest technologies and ready for the future.

    • Stand out in your business domain using data-driven innovation

    • Improve the scalability/quality of your products and services

    • Gain more time for what really matters

    • 30% funded by KMOP!


    AI Consulting For Domain Experts And Companies

    Our background in the academic world generated great expertise in AI and its possibilities as well as its shortcomings. Instead of fundamental research, we now focus on implementation and getting results using custom AI solutions in different application domains.


    • Both fundamental and application minded

    • Fast proof of concept

    • Ensure your AI investments are profitable

    • Optimize the performance/efficiency of existing models




    About Us

    We are Expert Solution Builders

    We're a team of AI PhD's and expert software engineers. We don't enforce you to implement AI. We care about solving your business problems and coming up with the best possible sustainable solution. It is clear that AI is an important tool that we have at our disposal. But in many cases less complex techniques will pave the way towards AI, generating value along the way. Making an actual impact for your business, is what matters the most.



    Our Values:



    • Business Value over Technology

    • Simplicity over complexity

    • Continuous improvement


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    Toon Bogaerts
    AI Expert, PhD
    Stig Bosmans
    Software Expert, PhD
    Christophe Huybrechts

    Full-stack Developer

    Peter Hellinckx
    Advisor, Prof
    Delphine Draelants
    Advisor, PhD

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